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Available Appointments on June 23, 2024

Homeopathic Session  10:00 am
Homeopathic Session  12:00 pm
Homeopathic Session  2:00 pm


A natural approach to discovering pesonalized healing for conditions unique to women and our bodies.

Emotional Health

Exploring the deep collaboration between our body, our mind and the effects on our emotional health.


Encourage healthy growth for your family. All ages can benefit from a homeopathic approach to wellness.

Training Sessions

Learn how to bring homeopathy into your community.

Terms of Use and Disclosure

We are NOT medical Doctors, and nothing we teach is medical advice. Homeopathic and holistic suggestions are aimed at boosting vitality, NOT diagnosing, curing or treating illness or disease. Nothing we teach is FDA approved or evaluated. All suggestions are based on traditional uses of homeopathy and holistic care. This care is NOT A SUBSTITUTION FOR MEDICAL CARE. ALWAYS SEEK MEDICAL CARE REGARDING ANY ILLNESS, INJURY, OR DISEASE.